The Didsbury String Quartet stands as the foremost ensemble dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest worldwide. In May 2023, as Liverpool embraced its role as the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest, we seized the chance to unveil our passion for Eurovision music to the public. Throughout the Eurovision week, our performances graced four distinguished venues in Liverpool: Oh Me Oh My, the Museum of Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, and the prestigious Liverpool Town Hall.

On Thursday of May 11 2023, we orchestrated a captivating lunchtime concert at the beautiful Liverpool Town Hall, aptly titled “Didsbury String Quartet Plays Eurovision!”

The concept for our concert initiated in the mind of DSQ Manager David early in 2023. Merging his passion for Eurovision with his quartet management expertise was the straightforward part. However, David recognised the need for an extra dose of Eurovision magic to ensure the concert’s resounding success. This magical touch materialised in the form of Stephen Gould, a close friend with an unparalleled knowledge of the Eurovision Song Contest and a remarkable ability to maintain objectivity—well, mostly!

Crafting the perfect program proved to be a formidable challenge. While selecting the most streamed Eurovision songs was an option, we aspired to craft something different for our audience, considering the unique opportunity of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom.

In the lead-up to May 2023, David and Stephen engaged in regular meetings, workshopping ideas to create a balanced program that would both delight the audience and avoid total predictability. Little did we know, an audience of Eurovision fans would prove to be one of the most appreciative crowds, rendering our heated debates on song choices somewhat unnecessary.

Proceeding without the luxury of hindsight, we continued refining our concert until the moment we settled on the songs and, crucially, how our master of ceremonies, Stephen, would seamlessly link them. Delving into Eurovision research revealed the challenge of fitting all the fantastic Ethnic Bops, Ballads, and Schlager Eurovision had bestowed upon us into a mere afternoon concert. Faced with a dilemma, we either had to convince Liverpool Town Hall to host a 24-hour concert marathon or condense seventeen of our chosen songs into two medleys to avert a mass culling.

Against the odds, we succeeded! Somehow, we distilled sixty-seven years of Eurovision into a list of thirty-eight songs for a lunchtime concert, offering something for everyone. On the morning of the concert, our final rehearsal at Liverpool Town Hall filled us with excitement. A passerby, intrigued by our poster, inquired if we would be playing “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi.” David’s response, “If you buy a ticket, you won’t be disappointed,” – of course it was on the list!

After a nourishing break, adorned in our shiny gold Eurovision-inspired jackets, we embarked on a musical journey through Eurovision history guided by our charismatic compère, Stephen. The audience at our concert still warms our hearts; Liverpool Town Hall buzzed with smiling, enthusiastic faces, and the love for Eurovision was palpable. The Mayor of Liverpool graciously welcomed us onto the stage, and from that point onward, we commenced captivating the audience.

While we aimed to avoid predictability, certain Eurovision traditions had to be honoured. We graced the stage, performed the European Broadcasting Union’s Anthem, and Stephen began with the classic, “Good evening Europe!” Although the concert wasn’t professionally recorded, we managed to capture some moments with an old camera at the back of the room which you can view below and on our YouTube channel. We did, however, successfully position a recorder, although it only captured the latter half of the concert. We are thrilled to announce the release of our debut album, “Didsbury String Quartet Plays Eurovision! Live Album” now accessible on all reputable streaming platforms.

Concert Flyer

Programme Information

European Broadcasting Union Anthem, Welcome & ‘Better The Devil You Know’ (Sonia)

‘Boom Bang-a-Bang’ (Lulu)

‘Wild Dances’ (Ruslana)

‘1944’ (Jamala)

‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ (Conchita Wurst)

“Love Letter To The UK” (Eurovision UK Medley)

‘Arcade’ (Duncan Laurence)